Top 5 Challenges in DOL H-1B Audits and How Attorneys Can Help


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When it comes to Department of Labor (DOL) audits for H-1B visa petitions, attorneys specializing in immigration law play a crucial role in navigating and mitigating various challenges. Here are the top five challenges employers face in DOL H-1B audits and how attorneys can assist.

Wage Level Determination

During DOL audits, the wage levels stated in H-1B petitions are closely examined by the auditors. It’s really important to make sure that the offered wage meets or goes beyond the prevailing wage for that particular occupation. This step is absolutely crucial to pass the audit successfully.

How can an attorney help?

Attorneys assist in conducting thorough wage-level analyses, ensuring compliance with DOL regulations. They provide guidance on accurately determining and justifying the appropriate wage level for each H-1B position, addressing discrepancies found during audits.

Completeness and Accuracy of Documentation

Auditors closely examine the documentation submitted with H-1B petitions. Any discrepancies, missing information, or inconsistencies can lead to challenges during audits.

How can an attorney help?

Attorneys meticulously review and organize all required documentation, ensuring completeness and accuracy. They guide employers in gathering the necessary evidence, such as job descriptions, educational qualifications, and supporting materials, to substantiate the petition, minimizing potential audit issues.

Maintaining Public Access Files (PAFs)

Employers need to keep Public Access Files (PAFs) that hold particular H-1B-related documents, available for public access as part of compliance regulations. If these files aren’t kept up-to-date and accurate, it could result in penalties during audits.

How can an attorney help?

Attorneys provide guidance to employers on the creation, organization, and maintenance of PAFs. They ensure that all necessary documents, including the Labor Condition Application (LCA), wage information, and employee-related records, are appropriately stored and accessible per DOL regulations.

Responding to DOL Requests and Queries

During DOL H-1B audits, DOL may request additional information or clarification regarding the submitted H-1B petitions. It’s extremely important to respond promptly and accurately to these queries as they hold significant importance in the audit process.

How can an attorney help?

Attorneys assist employers in drafting comprehensive and compliant responses to DOL inquiries. They provide legal counsel and guidance throughout the audit process, ensuring that all requested information is appropriately addressed and submitted within specified timelines.

Navigating Changes in DOL Policies and Regulations

Changes and updates to DOL policies and regulations regarding H-1B visas happen from time to time. Keeping track of and staying compliant with these changes can be quite challenging for both employers and their legal representatives.

How can an attorney help?

Attorneys specializing in immigration law stay abreast of DOL policy changes and update their clients accordingly. They guide employers in adapting to new regulations, ensuring ongoing compliance in H-1B filings, and addressing any audit-related challenges that arise due to regulatory changes.

How Can an Immigration Software Help?

Imagility’s immigration software serves as a crucial support system in DOL H-1B audits. It recommends wage levels according to the selected SOC and geographical area.  Additionally, the platform automates document organization, ensures secure and compliant PAF management, assists in generating accurate responses, and keeps users updated on policy changes. This suite of technological solutions significantly aids employers and legal representatives in maintaining compliance and efficiency throughout the DOL H-1B audit process.

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Immigration attorneys play a pivotal role in guiding employers through the complexities of DOL H-1B audits. Their expertise in compliance, documentation, legal interpretation, and responsive communication is instrumental in mitigating challenges and ensuring a smoother audit process for their clients.

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