Simplifying immigration through technology

Imagility Immigration Software

Imagility is a cloud-based end-to-end immigration software platform, with powerful and intelligent petition building, petition analysis and RFE response building features. It is a digital immigration platform that supports the immigration process beyond case and practice management software services.

We Care About All Our Stakeholders

Imagility is a multi-sided marketplace for stakeholders to collaboratively perform end-to-end immigration on the cloud.

For Companies

Companies can offload end-to-end immigration management on us.

For Law Firms

We help attorneys seamlessly move to e-immigration practice.

For Individuals

A transparent immigration journey with a clear path ahead for beneficiaries.

We Focus on Many Immigration Practice Areas

We support different immigration visa types and events in each - Employment, Family, and Humanitarian visas.

How we are different

We offer automation, integration, and customization of immigration workflows.

End-to-End Immigration

Lottery, visa stamping, mobile apps, updated policies, employment visas and forms to support other USCIS, DOL, and DOS services, integrations etc.

Petitions vs Forms

Unlike being just a forms builder, Imagility helps stakeholders build robust, complete petitions transparently. Frictionless immigration workflow provides a guided, automated, immigration process.

Petition Analysis

The Petition Analysis feature evaluates petitions on 9 critical factors using an algorithm and recommends areas of improvement, increasing success rates considerably.

Transparency & Collaboration

Stakeholders’ inclusion in petition building workflow, timelines, status, notifications, and alerts leading to complete transparency, collaboration, and clarity.

Reporting & Control

Tracking petitions, estimating costs, tracking LCAs made possible through standard and custom reports. Forecasting and managing immigration made easy.

Fully digital

Securely store and access sensitive files and documents digitally, enable digital signatures, get notification and alerts instantly, etc., all remotely.

Our AI-Enabled Features

Delivering one-on-one value through Mobile Apps


How we can help you

Our innovative, digital, immigration platform enables simple, comprehensive, and integrated immigration automation that will help you increase visa approvals and decrease RFEs, with complete transparency and collaboration among attorneys, petitioners, and beneficiaries.

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