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Complex petition building, ever changing policies, unending documentation may cause disruption in business for employers, apart from the time and money invested in immigration management. By outsourcing immigration, there is no transparency and control over immigration processes. The return on investment is fuzzy.

Our Immigration Software helps employers prepare, track, manage and navigate employment-based petitions with better control over each stage, with powerful case management and immigration software features, surpassing all immigration forms software features. Our goal is to improve acceptance, and reduce denials faced by employers over various visa types, thus reducing time and money taken to process applications.

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Special Features

End-to-end Immigration

Digitize, unify, and streamline the US immigration process, with a special focus on petition building for a wide range of work visas.

Build accurate RFE responses, Green card applications at the right time and more.

Stay Compliant, Welcome Audits

Ensure employer obligations are met, including public and private access file storage, LCA posting and acknowledgment, I-9 forms, FDNS compliance, and internal audits.

Securely store and access confidential files and documents digitally, all in one place.

Generate Reports to See Patterns

Manage multiple visa applications like a pro! Extensive reporting, analytics and forecasting made easy.

Create custom reports by simply dragging data into it, templatize it, schedule it for a few recipients.

Robust Petition Building & Analysis

A dedicated petition builder to help you create, review, analyze, and improve documentation to boost approval rates and reduce RFEs.

The Petition Analysis feature evaluates petitions on 9 critical factors using an algorithm and recommends areas of improvement.

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