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Imagility is a cloud-based end-to-end immigration platform, with powerful and intelligent petition building, petition analysis and RFE response building features. It is a digital platform that supports the immigration process beyond case and practice management software services.

We support different immigration and non-immigration visa types (H-1B, Green Card, I-140, L, E, O, TN, K, I-130 and more) and want to do more for migrants chasing the American dream at different stages of their life, be it a student, professional, family or investor.

Create your World

Live your Life

Our vision is to innovate digitally


Relieve the anxiety and agony of immigrants, enable them to create their world and live their lives.


Solve the bigger problem of Immigration Management for petitioners


Enable attorneys to move seamlessly into e-immigration practice

We reduce the agony of Beneficiaries

Benefits of using Imagility


Collaboration and distributed workload among beneficiary, petitioner, and attorney: As a result of the BAHA executive order, building a petition has become technical and must be a collaborative effort between petitioners, attorneys and beneficiaries with tasks defined clearly.

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Transparency: The entire petition workflow is broken down into actions to be done by stakeholders and assigned accordingly. All stakeholders have complete knowledge of tasks assigned and transparency on the progress of the petition through the timelines.

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Completely digital: It is a truly digital experience through collaborative work with digital file exchanges, digital signatures, and timely notifications, all remotely.

We mitigate losses for Petitioners

Benefits of using Imagility


Increase in approvals and decrease in RFEs: Powerful features like complete visa petition building, review and analysis ensures improved outcomes, by increasing the approval rates and reducing RFEs.


Simple, comprehensive, and integrated immigration automation: Transparent petition tracking & frictionless immigration workflow through automated immigration processes, thereby reducing repetitive and added tasks.


Timely management of immigration events: Every immigration event is captured, tracked and triggers notifications for timely actions.


Overall visibility and control: All stakeholders have complete, digital access to petition data and can, at the same time, limit access through permission-based controls to team members.


Completely digital: It provides a truly digital experience through collaborative work with digital file exchanges, digital signatures, and timely notifications, all remotely

We balance the workload for Immigration Attorneys

Benefits of using Imagility


Effective visa Petition tracking and reducing workload by automating much of the work around the immigration process by reducing repetitive and added tasks.

Tool to build petitions and RFE responses at a fraction of the time by dynamically generating a well-positioned and accurate petition/RFE response.


Effective time and case management through collaborative work with beneficiaries and employers, digital file exchanges and timely notifications.


Extensible: The platform has extendable capabilities that can accommodate more visa types and features.