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Immigration, I-9 & Compliance, and human resource processes through collaboration among stakeholders.

Precision in immigration, helping seamless transition to e-Immigration practice.
Elevating businesses through integrated immigration, I-9/Compliance, HR, and Compliance Services.
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Immigration Software

An AI-enabled approach to building and analyzing petitions, managing end-to-end immigration.

I-9 & Compliance Software

A unified software platform to manage all your compliance requirements including I-9, LCA, PFA, etc.

I-9 Remediation Services

A unified software platform to manage all your compliance requirements including I-9, LCA, PFA, etc

HR Software

A cloud-based, Human Resource Management System for improved employee experience.

Talent Acquisition Software

Simplify hiring tasks and find top talent faster with our cutting-edge recruitment platform.

Our AI-enabled Solutions

Enabling seamless movement to
e-immigration, I-9, Compliance and HR solutions for optimal business efficiency.

Immigration Software

Integrated Immigration Automation for attorneys, petitioners & individuals.

Imagility’s end-to-end immigration platform on the Cloud, provides a guided, AI-enabled approach to building and analysing petitions, managing end to end immigration, with transparency and collaboration, to provide an unparalleled experience.

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I-9 & Compliance Software

Imagility Compliance provides a unified platform to manage all your compliance requirements, for each visa program including LCA filing and posting, public & private access files, maintaining I-9 Forms, remote I-9, FDNS, and more.

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People Centric HR Software

ImagilityHR is a cloud-based, AI-enabled, Human Resource Management System that will help you centralize all HR activities in one place, with improved onboarding and employee experience, enhancing productivity and employee engagement.

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Efficient Talent Acquisition Software

Imagility’s Talent Acquisition (TA) solution is a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform that is designed to streamline every aspect of hiring, from sourcing top talent to onboarding seamlessly. We empower HR professionals to attract, assess, and hire the best candidates efficiently.

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