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Imagility serves as an end-to-end immigration software platform designed to streamline and digitize the US immigration process for employers, immigration attorneys, and foreign nationals. Our focus lies in digitizing and unifying the immigration journey, with a specialized emphasis on petition building for a diverse array of visas, covering the entire petition lifecycle.

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Our comprehensive immigration software aids employers in efficiently preparing, tracking, managing, and navigating employment-based petitions. It provides superior control at every stage, equipped with powerful case and practice management features for attorneys, that surpass standard immigration form software capabilities.

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The Visa Designer is a tool to create a new visa from an existing form by editing some fields. You can also create a new visa by mapping it to a new form and adding other petition components. This is Adaptive Technology at its best, with the ability to make global changes across the platform within a short time span. 

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Imagility’s robust case management features empower attorneys to efficiently organize case-related information digitally. With real-time updates and centralized access to all immigration case details, it offers swift and convenient access from a single, comprehensive location, ensuring seamless handling of immigration cases.

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Data migration to the Imagility platform is a seamless and efficient process. Our 15-day data migration cycle ensures a smooth transition in four steps starting with trial migration, validation, testing and go LIVE.

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Imagility offers a wide range of mobile apps for petitioners, attorneys and individuals, to supplement the cloud based platform. It enhances the overall user experience and expands the reach of the platform. These mobile apps offer quick access and convenience on the go through an optimized user experience. Petitioners and attorneys can track petition status from anywhere, receive notifications and alerts, helping them stay on top of tasks.  

Specifically, the Lottery app and Petitioner app allow users to establish connections with beneficiaries and monitor petition progress diligently. Moreover, the Investor app empowers prospective petitioners by offering insights into potential business opportunities.


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