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You love your job and are making most of your opportunity in the US. You now want to get your family over and this is understandable. The U.S. immigration system is built in part on the concept of family unity and therefore makes it possible for permanent residents and citizens to bring their families to the U.S. as legal permanent residents. We cover a range of family-based visas and forms.

Family Visas (I-130) we cover

Immigrant (Family) Visas

Immigrant (Family)

IR-1 Widower I-360
IR-2 Amerasian I-360
IR-5 VAWA (Spouse) I-360
F1 VAWA(Children) I-360
F2: F-2A, F-2B VAWA (Parent) I-360
Widower I-360
Amerasian I-360
VAWA (Spouse) I-360
VAWA(Children) I-360
VAWA (Parent) I-360

Non-Immigrant Family Visas

K: K-1, K-3

Non-Immigrant Dependent Visas

H H-4
L L-2
O O-3
P P-4
R R-2


Visas G-28
Premium Processing I-907
Adjustment of Status I-485
Travel Doc I-131
Remove Conditions on Residence I-751
Affidavit of Support PI-864
Contract b/w Sponsor & Household Member I-864A
Request for Exemption for Affidavit of Support I-864W
Immigrant Visa E-filing DS-260
Forms supported as part of visa I-360
Forms supported as part of visa I-539
Forms supported as part of visa I-539A


Application for Certificate of Citizenship N-600
Application for Naturalization N-400
Application to replace permanent residence card I-90

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