Petition Analysis for Automated
& Intelligent Reviews

Petition Analysis carries out an elaborate process of checks through built petitions and makes intelligent recommendations through reports to improve petition success rates, giving you infinite chances to correct and improve the identified elements in the petition.

What does it do?

Petition analysis is the virtual petition adjudication process. The system analyses various elements of the petition like all filing requirements, petitioner requirements, position details, presence of required documents, correct fees, etc.

Petition Analysis Categories

Imagility’s Petition Analysis carries out checks /analysis of the petition created under the following categories executed as different steps while analyzing a petition:

In this category, Imagility checks for the correctness of different categories of the fees based on the type of petition, number of employees of the company.

2. Analyzes the job description

In this category, petition analysis evaluates the position requirements to check whether it meets the requirement of specialty occupation.

In this category, documents under Beneficiary education, experience, immigration documents, etc. are validated for availability based on the type and status of beneficiary.

4. Checks for correctness of the LCA

In this category, Imagility validates the LCA applicability to the petition position. In addition, LCA validity dates and work location are checked against petition employment dates and location.

Here, Imagility evaluates the position requirement to check whether it meets the requirement of specialty occupation.

6. Reviews the beneficiary qualifications for the position

Here the qualifications of the beneficiary like degree, field of study, tools/technologies used, prior experience are checked against the requirement of the position.

Availability of required documents that shows the beneficiary has an offer of employment with the petitioner are checked under this category.

8. Checks the eligibility of the beneficiary’s status

Beneficiary needs to ensure he/she is working in the US, by maintaining the required status. i.e., having valid status at the time of filing the petition and having job continuity.

In this category, Imagility validates petitioner information against reference databases, checks for any identifiers for fraud based on employee strength, company revenue etc.

View Report & Repeat

At the end of the process, users can view the report that visually represents the completeness of the petition, findings from the analysis and recommendations for improving the petition. Thus, the petition analysis process makes the petition thorough, thereby increasing its success rate hugely. This whole process can be repeated infinite times until the petition has no gaps or missing information.