Consistent I-9 and compliance management

Compliance Solutions

Imagility Compliance provides a unified solution to manage all your compliance requirements, for each visa program including LCA filing and posting, public & private access files, maintaining I-9 Forms, remote I-9, FDNS, and more.

I-9 Compliance

Imagility’s I-9 & Compliance Software helps to ensure actual compliance with current employment eligibility legal requirements and helps to streamline your entire I-9 process for both onsite and remote employees.

Public and Private Access Files

Imagility takes care of storing public access files (PAFs) and private access files securely in one place, with appropriate access controls, helping you always stay audit ready.

LCA Compliance

Imagility lets you easily post electronic LCAs for your
H-1B, H-1B1 and E-3 hires, create corresponding
electronic PAFs, and comply with U.S. Department of
Labour regulations all in one place.


Imagility covers FDNS information along with keeping track of FDNS visits, with any pending action items to be completed.

Our Range of I-9 Services

I-9 Audit

Imagility can help employers conduct internal audits of their I-9 forms to ensure compliance with federal regulations.

I-9 Compliance Outsourcing Service

This offering helps employers complete, store, and manage Form I-9 for their employees.

Remote I-9

This service enables remote I-9 verification, allowing employers to verify employees who may not be physically present.

I-9 Migration

Imagility offers this service to help companies migrate seamlessly from paper-based or other electronic I-9 systems to the Imagility platform.

Offload Compliance Responsibilities on Imagility.

We help companies minimize the risk of non-compliance
while also ensuring that they have a legal and authorized workforce. Contact us today!