Learn How Imagility Simplifies Immigration Case Management

Revolutionizing how attorneys and petitioners manage cases. Organize all case information effortlessly and access it virtually from anywhere, anytime!

Discover Simplified Immigration Case Management with Imagility's AI-Enabled Solution

Revolutionizing how attorneys manage cases. Organize all case information effortlessly and access it virtually from anywhere, anytime! 

Effortless Petition Building and Analysis with Imagility's AI-Enabled Tools

Simplify your immigration processes with Imagility's AI-enabled petition-building and analysis features. Streamline your immigration procedures effortlessly!

Save 10 - 15 Hours of Your Valuable Time Every Week

Attorneys and petitioners, we’ve got your back! Let us handle all repetitive admin work, case management, and compliance. Our solution ensures your legal practice and immigration processes are efficient and compliant.

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Imagility covers petition lifecycle, compliance including I-9 management for businesses. It ensures compliance with immigration regulations and deadlines. Keeping track of I-9 forms will be a breeze with Imagility. You may not have to deal with a lot of paperwork, as Imagility will help complete I-9 forms and also keep them in a centralized location for you to access at any time and be audit-ready. 


Imagility helps streamline immigration workflows, thereby saving a lot of time and money through powerful features like guided petition building, document management, document checklist, task allocation, template builder, and alerts and notifications. 

By streamlining immigration case and practice management processes, Imagility can significantly enhance the efficiency of your law firm. Through streamlined administrative processes and advanced features like automated task management and unique AI-backed petition analysis, Imagility reduces manual work, saving valuable time. This enables your team to focus more on delivering exceptional legal services and expanding your client base. 

Imagility incorporates cutting-edge AI technology to optimize various aspects of immigration processes. Our AI-driven insights provide intelligent suggestions and compliance checks, ensuring that all submissions meet regulatory requirements. We leverage AI to streamline document organization, enhance case management efficiency, and facilitate accurate decision-making, making the immigration journey smoother for our users.

Switching to Imagility from another immigration software is a breeze. Simply extract your data in CSV format and hand it over to team Imagility. The extracted data in csv templates and documents will go through a trial data migration and upload process followed by a validation procedure.

Once you are satisfied with the trial data, our dedicated customer support team will do the final upload. We ensure a smooth transition for your convenience.

Absolutely, you can conveniently download the Imagility mobile app for both Android and iPhone devices from the Play Store or App Store. Our app is designed to provide you with a smooth and user-friendly experience while you’re on the move. Whether you’re an attorney or a petitioner, our mobile application empowers you to keep your clients informed about the latest updates regarding their petitions or other updates from USCIS. This ensures efficient communication and timely actions.

Imagility’s mobile app offers convenience and flexibility to our users. With our app, users can access their immigration case information, receive real-time updates, and complete necessary tasks on the go. The app streamlines the entire process, allowing users to stay informed and engaged, enhancing their overall experience.

Using Imagility is incredibly user-friendly, even for non-technical users. Our intuitive interface and simple navigation make it accessible to everyone. We’ve designed Imagility to be user-centric, ensuring that even those without technical expertise can seamlessly manage their immigration cases, saving time and reducing complexity.

Imagility addresses the challenges faced by companies and petitioners through innovative solutions. We simplify complex immigration processes by automating mundane tasks, reducing manual errors, and ensuring compliance with legal regulations. Our platform empowers users to handle intricate paperwork effortlessly, saving valuable time and resources. Additionally, our expert guidance and comprehensive tools help companies and petitioners navigate the complexities of immigration with confidence, leading to successful outcomes.

We invite you to unlock a new era of streamlined immigration case management with Imagility, an end-to-end immigration software designed for attorneys and businesses. Trusted by numerous enterprises and legal professionals worldwide, Imagility empowers you to excel in immigration case management and expand your client base.