End-to-end Immigration

Imagility is an end-to-end immigration software platform that streamlines the immigration process for employers, immigration attorneys, and foreign nationals. Imagility helps digitize, unify, and streamline the US immigration process, with a special focus on petition building for a wide range of visas, covering complete petition lifecycles.

Imagility’s range of tools – the Lottery app, Petition Builder and Visa Stamping app -support you through the entire H-1B immigration lifecycle, right from the H-1B Lottery to visa stamping. These apps complement the platform for a more personalized experience.

Petition Building & Analysis

Templatized and guided petition building to build key elements through intuitive color-coded timeline steps. Petition Analysis carries out an elaborate process of checks through built petitions and makes intelligent recommendations through reports to improve petition success rates.

Imagility offers a range of mobile apps that complement our Cloud Platform to manage immigration activities. Stakeholders can track case status and manage other events on the go, through alerts and notifications. E.g., Attorney app, Petitioner app, Student app, Investor app etc.

Employment/Family Visas

Imagility supports a range of work, family, humanitarian, and naturalization visas. We support different immigration visa types (H-1B, Green Card, I-140, L, E, O, TN etc) and want to do more for migrants chasing the American dream at different stages of their life, be it a student, professional, family or investor.

The RFE Response Builder helps build RFE responses through a seamless workflow using existing petition details. At any stage beneficiaries can be notified to send additional details. A well-drafted RFE response can be put together using pre-existing templates, within a short span of time.

Global Support

We help companies onboard/offboard employees from different countries, help manage petition lifecycles, adjustment of status, consular processing support and more.

Imagility helps users stay compliant with immigration regulations by providing alerts and notifications of important compliance deadlines, such as visa expiration dates, I-9 form expirations, LCA compliance requirements, storage and viewing of public and private access files.

Document Management

Imagility allows users to securely store and manage immigration-related documents, such as passports, visas, and I-9 forms with digital signatures. Users can securely access and share documents with other team members as needed.

Imagility provides customizable reports and analytics to help users track key immigration metrics. Tracking petitions, estimating costs, tracking LCAs are possible through standard and custom reports. Forecasting and managing immigration made easy.


Powerful technology to automate data and application integration with payment systems, QuickBooks, Outlook/Gmail integration, calendaring, email, other HR systems.

Overall, Imagility offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline the immigration process and improve collaboration and compliance for employers, immigration attorneys, and foreign nationals.