Digital User Data Creation

The first task that a Beneficiary, Attorney or Petitioner logging into Imagility does, is to create their respective user profiles. The petitioner sets up their company profile, the attorney their firm profile and beneficiary their individual profile. Such digital user data creation can help speed up the immigration process by auto populating petitions with relevant profile information. This results in accurate, up-to-date data available at any given time.

From the dashboard, the Edit Profile section leads to the profile creation page.

Life Story in 3 timelines

Education: includes all educational information, trainings, licenses/certifications with document proof for your educational qualification.

Work Experience: includes work experience details like employment, client details, list of duties, tools & technologies with document proof.

Immigration: includes visa type, status, receipt number, date etc.

User Data for Petition Building

At any point of time attorneys or petitioners can ask for additional information or documents by sending a notification to beneficiary. The user has the flexibility of updating profile information at any time with changes automatically reflected across all tasks/visas. Seamless petition building with latest user data available at any time.

Single Source of Truth

Data and documents required for petition processing are gathered from the beneficiary profile, petitioner profile and attorney profile to avoid data duplication and to keep a single source of truth. Only the data specific to the petition is captured as part of the petition timeline steps. However, some of the beneficiary data, after fetching from the profile, like education and experience data can be deleted or added as per the specific visa requirement.