About Us 

Streamlining Business, Changing Lives

Our Story 

Our focus has always been to address the unmet needs of immigration and in the process we got into the mission of reshaping the immigration landscape. We aim to foster awareness, improve accessibility, collaboration and transparency. Along the way we started to address other issues like supporting end-to-end immigration, automating case and practice management processes, providing journeys for individuals, including cultural support, visas to other countries, among others.

We started off as a collaborative immigration platform and have evolved through AI enablement to provide the latest technological capabilities. We have had the opportunities to influence other parts of business like compliance, foreign talent, legal areas, human resources and more.

Our Focus

We’ve consistently centered our efforts on addressing the underserved requirements of immigration, leading us to the primary mission of transforming the immigration landscape.

Impacting Lives

Through the platform, we provide reach and accessibility to beneficiaries and petitioners, assuring collaboration, transparency, and clarity. We offer automation and ease of use to attorneys. In all our software, be it Immigration, HR, Compliance or Talent Acquisition, our goal is to simplify lives and give clarity to all stakeholders through collaborative engagement.

Robust Processes

Efficiency and precision are the keystones of our operations. We prioritize well-defined processes that streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and ensure consistent quality across all aspects of our business. By embracing best practices and continuously refining our processes, we strive for operational excellence that translates into superior products and services for our clients.

Leveraging Technology

We believe innovative technology is the way forward. We have built an innovative and highly impactful immigration platform – Imagility. The platform has the flexibility to support other software and hence Compliance, HR and Talent Acquisition additions are afoot. We leverage the latest technology to evolve the platform constantly and more importantly, improve lives.

Why Imagility? 

Imagility revolutionizes immigration for all stakeholders including individuals, families, businesses, and countries. We deliver cutting-edge technology and user-focused design to streamline visa applications, document management, compliance tracking, and communication with immigration authorities. And we are diversifying to other areas like Compliance, HR, and Talent Acquisition.

We believe our people, processes and technology are the key differentiators.