H-1B Visa Number – What it is and where to find it?


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Are you curious to know about the H-1B visa number? Do you know the H-1B visa number is helpful for various significant reasons? When you enter the US, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials check your H-1B visa and verify the information to ensure your motive to enter the country. You may also need the H-1B visa number for your future visa application, like a Green Card visa application.

Since there are several significant usages of the H-1B visa number, we will explore everything related to the H-1B visa number in this blog, like, what is H-1B number, where to find it, and how to get an H-1B visa number.

Let’s begin….

What is an H-1B visa number?

The visa number is the number printed in red on the bottom right of the visa. The number on the visa typically contains eight numeric characters, though sometimes it starts with one letter and seven digits.

The sequence of the number is entirely random, so it does not hold any significance depending on the type of visa. This means that there is no fixed format for different visa types, be it  H-1B visa, K-1, or F-1. They are generated randomly, and you can not find any specific pattern.

Where can I find my H-1B visa number?

It is easy to find an H-1B visa number on your visa. You can trace the visa number H-1B to the bottom right of the visa, which is usually eight-digit in red. Most of the information on the visa is in black ink. However, the H-1B visa number is in red, done purposefully so that people can identify the H-1B visa number with ease.

Besides the H-1B visa number, you get to know the following information on your H-1B visa:

  • Issuing port name (US embassy where the visa was issued)
  • Visa holder’s last and first name
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Visa type (category of visa- work visa)
  • Entries (the number of times an individual can enter the US, S- single entry, M-multiple entries)
  • Issuing date, when the visa was issued
  • Expiration date
  • Annotations (notes made by the US embassy staff to supplement your visa)

Who gets a non-immigrant visa number H-1B?

The non-immigrant visa number H-1B is given to those who apply for a work visa H-1B and complete all the essential criteria, like:

  • The candidate must have a job offer letter from a US employer that requires specialty occupation knowledge.
  • The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent to that.

How to get an H-1B visa number

You need to apply for the H-1B visa to get the H-1B visa number. There is an annual cap for H-1B, which is 85,000. If USCIS receives applications more than the fixed quota (85,000), it shortlists the candidates through the lottery system. The shortlisted candidates can then fill out the complete petition through form I-140.

If your petition is approved by USCIS, you can obtain an H-1B visa. If you receive RFE (Request for Evidence), additional information that USCIS seeks from you to process your application, you must submit the RFE response before the deadline ends. We recommend you employ top-notch immigration software to help you through your immigration journey.

Summing Up!

We are confident that you can now easily find the H-1B visa number on your H-1B visa after reading this blog. You can refer to the eight-digit H-1B visa number wherever you need it, like entering the US, applying for a Green card application, etc. If you have come this far in your immigration journey of getting an H-1B visa approval, then congratulations and good luck!

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