Speed Meets Accuracy: Crafting Immigration Petitions in 10 Minutes with Imagility


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Preparing immigration petitions usually takes a lot of time and attention to detail. Attorneys and practitioners often face the challenge of balancing speed with accuracy when preparing petitions for their clients. But what if you could do it quickly and accurately in just 10 minutes? Imagility, a smart immigration software, is changing the game. Let’s see how Imagility makes this possible and why it’s a big deal for the immigration process.

The Problem with Old Methods Preparing Immigration Petitions

Traditional ways of preparing petitions are slow and full of challenges. Lawyers spend hours, sometimes days, entering data by hand and ensuring everything is correct. This not only takes a lot of time but also leads to errors that can cause delays and extra costs.

Imagility’s Immigration Solution: Fast and Accurate

Imagility solves these problems with its easy-to-use, automated petition builder. Imagility’s Immigration Wizard transforms how immigration practitioners create petitions, making the process faster and simpler. This innovative tool lets attorneys complete petitions in just 10 minutes or less.

Here’s how Imagility helps you prepare accurate, complete petitions in just 10 minutes:

1.    Automated Data Entry

  • Entering data by hand is slow and often inaccurate. Imagility lets you upload all the details in bulk through templates, cutting down the time needed and reducing errors. This is how to start a petition quickly and efficiently.

2.    Smart Form Filling

  • Imagility’s Immigration Wizard fills out forms automatically based on the data in your profile or through uploaded templates, checking for accuracy and compliance with immigration rules. This means practitioners don’t have to manually check everything, streamlining the process of how to create a petition form.

3.    Ready-to-Use Templates

  • Imagility offers excel templates that you can populate with all your data for each case, by running a script. These templates meet immigration standards, so you know the petition has all the right information.

4.    Instant Validation

  • Imagility checks and validates all the uploaded data in real-time, catching any errors or missing information right away. This ensures your petition is correct before you submit it.

5.    Team Collaboration

  • Imagility makes it easy for your team and clients to work together. Everyone can see the progress, make changes, and stay informed, which improves efficiency and accuracy.

6.   Real-Time Document Assembly

  • As you fill out the questionnaire, the platform automatically assembles all required documents into a well-organized PDF petition. This includes support letters, evidentiary documents, and forms, making the submission ready for review and electronic filing.

7.   Seamless E-Filing Integration

  • Once the petition is complete, Imagility facilitates direct electronic filing through the USCIS online portal. This reduces administrative tasks and speeds up the submission process, helping attorneys meet deadlines with ease.

Benefits of Using Imagility to Create an Immigration Petition

When you craft an immigration petition with Imagility, you get the following benefits.

  • Save Time: Complete petitions in 10 minutes. You can save more time and handle more cases.
  • Be More Accurate: Reduce errors with automated data entry and real-time checks.
  • Work Efficiently: Use ready templates and smart form filling to streamline your process.
  • Better Client Service: Keep clients updated and involved, increasing their satisfaction.


Imagility is revolutionizing how immigration petitions are prepared by making the process fast and accurate. Its features save time, reduce errors, and improve workflow. For immigration attorneys wanting to be more efficient and provide better service, Imagility is the solution. Try Imagility today and see how it can transform your work, blending speed with accuracy for the best results.

If you’d like to know how Imagility works, reach out to us for a demo today at sales@imagility.co or call us at +1 603 782 4622/+1 617 865 6588.

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