Simplifying the H-1B Visa Process

Imagility's H-1B Lottery App

The H-1B Lottery for the FY 2025 season is fast approaching, presenting challenges for both employers and beneficiaries seeking H-1B sponsorships. In this complex process, Imagility introduces its innovative H-1B Lottery App, streamlining and simplifying the entire application process for employers and beneficiaries.

Welcome to H-1B Visa Lottery FY 2025

Understanding the H-1B Lottery Process

The H-1B Lottery for FY 2025 retains the process from previous years, operating through a computer-based random selection. Regardless of the country of origin, salary, or education, the lottery is conducted without preference based on wage levels for this season.

Collaboration is the key to success – collaboration between petitioners and beneficiaries is instrumental. Petitioners and beneficiaries must work together to register eligible individuals and ensure they meet the criteria for participation in the H-1B lottery.

Imagility’s H-1B Lottery App: Simplifying Complexity

Imagility presents a dedicated Lottery App designed to simplify and expedite the H-1B Lottery process.

Streamlining the H-1B Petition Process - Next Steps with Imagility

Imagility’s platform seamlessly assists throughout the H-1B Lottery journey.

Benefits of Imagility's H-1B Lottery App

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Imagility’s H-1B Lottery App revolutionizes the H-1B visa process, offering a user-friendly, efficient, and collaborative platform for employers and beneficiaries. Simplify your H-1B visa journey with Imagility’s innovative app today and efficiently navigate the complexities of the H-1B Lottery process for the FY 2025 season! 

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