USCIS Announces Updates to Lockbox and Service Center Filing Locations

Changes to Filing Locations and Case Transfers Implemented for Efficiency

In a significant move to centralize petition and application processing, USCIS is changing to filing locations for specific forms and transferring cases among offices. If your case is affected, a case transfer notice will be sent, guiding you to the designated office for inquiries related to your case. Additionally, any request for evidence (RFE) will specify the address for responding with the required information.

Notably, filing location changes from service centers to a USCIS lockbox form part of an overarching initiative aimed at enhancing efficiency and reducing costs associated with service center intake. These alterations also facilitate the centralized digitization of forms for electronic adjudication.

The USCIS occasionally adjusts filing locations among service centers or lockbox facilities to balance incoming workloads for timely processing. Refinements in addresses are also made to enhance internal processes at these facilities.

Stay informed about these updates by regularly checking this page, which provides a current summary of filing location changes. To receive real-time notifications, subscribe to the “Lockbox and Service Center Filing Location Updates” GovDelivery distribution list and receive an email each time a filing location is updated.


Source: USCIS