US Launches Pilot Program for In-Country H-1B Visa Renewal, Benefit for Indian Professionals

The United States has officially initiated a pilot program for the in-country renewal of H-1B work visas, offering a significant advantage to numerous Indian tech professionals. This move, which marks the first time in nearly two decades, enables eligible H-1B visa holders to renew their visas within the US without the need for overseas travel. Launched on January 29 and scheduled to run until April 1, the program allows the submission of applications during this period or until all available slots are filled. The State Department stated that the pilot program is voluntary and will accept approximately 4,000 applications per week, divided between those with prior H-1B visas issued by US diplomatic missions in Canada and those issued by US embassies and consulates in India. The application process operates on a first-received, first-processed basis, emphasizing a streamlined approach to visa renewal. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria can take advantage of this program during specified application dates, enhancing the efficiency of the H-1B visa renewal process.

Source: MSN