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US State Department Simplifies Visa Process During Pandemic: Certain Categories Exempt from Consular Interviews.

Visa applicants breathe a sigh of relief as the US State Department simplifies the process amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The traditional consular interview, causing delays and anxiety for over a year, is waived for certain non-immigrant visa categories until December 31, 2023. This strategic move aims to expedite procedures and reduce waiting times impacted by the pandemic.

Who benefits from this change? Various non-immigrant visas, including those for temporary workers, students, professionals, and individuals with extraordinary skills. The decision is expected to significantly shorten visa processing times for the exempted categories.

While consular interviews are waived, applicants must still pay the standard visa application fee, varying by visa category. Additional information is available on the official website of the United States Embassy and Consulate in Mexico.

Looking ahead, the decision to skip consular interviews for specific visas addresses the backlog but raises questions about long-term impacts. It may pave the way for more flexible visa processing, establishing a precedent for handling applications during global crises like the Covid-19 pandemic. As immigration processes evolve, this development highlights the adaptability and resilience needed in these challenging times.

Source: MSN