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20,000 H-1B Workers Can Renew US Visas in January 2024

Limited Number of H-1B Visa Renewals to Begin in January Under New Pilot Program

The U.S. State Department officials have announced a forthcoming pilot program for H-1B specialty occupation workers to renew their visas domestically, starting in January. Initially, the pilot will not be constrained by a participant limit of 20,000, and H-1B holders can renew their visas by mailing them to the State Department, eliminating the need to travel outside the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs, Julie Stufft, emphasized the importance of establishing the program’s viability before expanding it. The selection process for the initial 20,000 candidates is yet to be detailed, with further information expected to be published next month. The program, announced during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state visit in June, aims to benefit a substantial number of Indian technology professionals. Stufft acknowledged the high demand for U.S. visas in India, expressing the hope that the domestic visa renewal initiative would expedite the appointment process, particularly for Indian travelers. The State Department’s efforts to enhance efficiency and streamline visa processing received commendation from the National Immigration Forum. The pilot program is seen as a significant step toward making visa processing more efficient and beneficial for both American businesses and visa holders.

Source: MSN