US Immigration Fund President Provides Insights on Navigating EB-5 and Other Visa Applications

US Immigration Fund President Provides Insights on Navigating EB-5 and Other Visa Applications

Nicholas A. Mastroianni III, President and Chief Marketing Officer of the US Immigration Fund (USIF), shared valuable tips on navigating the EB-5 visa process and other visa applications. In an exclusive interview with, Mastroianni emphasized the importance of seeking professional guidance from experienced immigration attorneys for EB-5 visa seekers. He underscored the requirement for applicants to invest a minimum of $800,000 into a new commercial enterprise in the United States as a crucial step towards achieving the ‘American Dream.’

While acknowledging the challenges posed by EB-5 visa backlogs, Mastroianni reiterated that hard work remains pivotal in overcoming these obstacles. He highlighted strategies to address inefficiencies in EB-5 visa utilization, including the organization of roadshows across major cities in India to raise awareness and encourage early investments. USIF is also offering investors the opportunity to initiate their EB-5 visa applications with an initial investment of $200,000, taking advantage of the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) limits for Indians.

Discussing the recent 75% reduction in visa processing times for Indians, Mastroianni emphasized its positive impact on reducing wait times and providing quicker access to permanent residency benefits. However, he noted that the full impact of this decrease would depend on various factors, including continued processing efficiency and demand for EB-5 visas.

Mastroianni urged the White House to enhance visa processing efficiency, bolster program integrity, and advocate for legislative reforms to align visa policies with current economic needs. He emphasized that while the EB-5 visa program differs fundamentally from other US work visas, USIF’s approach involves data analysis, policy advocacy, and collaboration to tailor visa allocation policies better to serve EB-5 investors and the Regional Center initiative.

Source: Hindustan Times