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Canada Temporarily Suspends Indian Visa Services

UPDATE NOVEMBER 22, 2023: After a temporary halt, Indian consular posts have resumed the issuance of electronic business visas for Canadian nationals.

In a recent development, Indian consular posts in Canada have implemented a temporary suspension on the acceptance, processing, and issuance of Indian visas, including e-visas. This suspension, effective immediately, has left the duration of the hiatus uncertain.

All individuals, both Canadian and foreign nationals, intending to travel to India from Canada will be unable to apply for Indian visas until the suspension is lifted. However, those with valid Indian visas can still proceed with their travel plans.

For case-specific information, affected individuals are advised to reach out to their immigration provider and Nomadic.

The situation is being closely monitored, and updates will be provided as the Indian government and its visa outsourcing agency review the temporary measure in the coming weeks. As of now, the resumption date remains unclear.

UPDATE OCTOBER 26, 2023: Notable progress has been made as certain visa services have resumed at Indian consulates in Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver, including entry visas, business visas, medical visas, and conference visas. Emergency entry rights can be sought at the High Commission of India or an Indian consulate.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 27, 2023: Canadian nationals are currently unable to apply for Indian visas in third countries, and applications will not be processed. Meanwhile, Indian nationals in Canada can still access consular services such as passport applications, renewals, and attestations. Canadian nationals holding a valid visa or Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) card are permitted to enter India, and new OCI card applications are being accepted. Extensions for Indian visas held by Canadian nationals in India are possible, although processing delays may occur.

Background information reveals that the change has not been formally communicated by the Indian government but is currently available on the visa outsourcing center’s website. A formal notification from the Indian government is anticipated.

Looking ahead, the situation is dynamic, and Fragomen India is diligently monitoring developments to provide timely updates as they unfold.

Source: Fragomen