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The U.S. prepares to restart deportation flights for Venezuelan migrants.

The Biden administration is set to resume deporting migrants to Venezuela, as disclosed by two anonymous U.S. officials to the Associated Press on Thursday. Although the officials did not specify the exact commencement date for the deportation flights, they indicated that the process would start soon. The officials, not authorized to publicly reveal government plans before an official announcement, spoke on the condition of anonymity.

This decision follows the recent elevation of protected status for Venezuelans arriving in the U.S., showcasing President Biden’s broader strategy. While expanding legal pathways for arrivals, the administration is simultaneously taking measures to address illegal crossings into the country.

Venezuela has grappled with political, economic, and humanitarian crises in the past decade, prompting over 7.3 million people to migrate. The dire situation has rendered basic necessities unaffordable for those who remain. While the majority sought refuge in neighboring Latin American countries, a growing number have ventured to the United States in recent years, navigating the perilous Darién Gap in Panama.

Source: The Guardian