U.S. Welcomes 1.7 Million Indian Tourists in 2023, Aiming for 2 Million by 2027

In 2023, the United States extended a warm welcome to 1.7 million Indian tourists, marking a substantial 20% increase from 2019. With an ambitious target set for 2027, the U.S. aims to host a total of 2 million Indian tourists, according to Staci Mellman, Chief Marketing Officer of Brand USA, the nation’s destination marketing group.

To facilitate this surge in tourism, an additional 1.2 million visas were granted to Indian citizens in 2023. Notably, the U.S. visa boasts a competitive 10-year duration, setting it apart from other nations. Despite challenges related to visa appointment delays, measures are being implemented to streamline the process.

India has proactively scheduled 250,000 new appointments for tourist visas, with the Hyderabad embassy catering to 3,500 visitors daily. In a positive development, Indian travelers with expired visas find the renewal process simplified, exempting them from in-person appointments for a lapse of up to four years.

To further boost Indian tourism to the U.S., Tata CLiQ Luxury and Brand USA have joined forces, unveiling Tata CLiQ’s inaugural travel venture. This strategic collaboration aims to showcase the unique luxury travel offerings in the U.S., targeting high-net-worth Indian clients. The Tata CLiQ Luxury page now facilitates hotel and airline ticket bookings.

Staci Mellman highlights the positive response from Indian tourists to Brand USA, with Florida, California, and New York emerging as favored destinations. Currently holding the fifth position among all countries for Indians visiting the U.S., Mellman sees immense growth potential, anticipating India’s ascent from the number five spot.

Mellman notes the opportunity for fostering lasting relationships between the U.S. and India, emphasizing the potential for repeated visitation. The expanding wealth of the Indian middle class and the youthful demographic further contribute to this potential, with Indian tourists exhibiting a preference for longer stays and a willingness to explore beyond major gateways, uncovering more facets of the United States.


Source: YAXIS