US Embassy in India Achieves Milestone with 1.4 Million Visas Processed, 75% Reduction in Wait Times

In a remarkable achievement, the U.S. Embassy in India processed a record-breaking 1.4 million visas in 2023, marking a significant milestone in facilitating travel for Indians to the United States. Notably, the average wait time for visitor visa appointments witnessed an impressive 75% reduction, signaling enhanced efficiency and convenience for applicants.

Demand Surges Across All Visa Categories, Indians Constitute 10% of All Foreign Applications

Indians now constitute one-tenth of all foreign visa applicants to the United States, with demand soaring across various visa categories, reflecting a remarkable 60% surge compared to the previous year. The surge in demand was particularly notable for B1/B2 visitor visas, with over 700,000 applications, highlighting the success of increased U.S. staffing in India and the substantial reduction in appointment wait times from 1,000 days to just 250 days nationwide.

Indian Students Dominate International Graduate Population in the U.S., Top Processing Cities Revealed

In a significant development, the U.S. consular staff in India issued a record-breaking 140,000 student visas in 2023, positioning Indian students as the largest group of international graduate students in the United States, constituting over 25% of the nation’s one million foreign students. Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai emerged as the top four global student visa processing sites.

Efficient Processing of 380,000 Employment Visas, Pilot Program for H-1B Visa Holders Announced

Highlighting the importance of employment visas, the U.S. Embassy and Consulates efficiently processed over 380,000 employment visas for Indians and their families in 2023. To further streamline processes, a pilot program for eligible H-1B visa holders is set to launch this year, allowing them to renew their visas within the country.

Consulate General of Mumbai Clears 31,000 Immigrant Visa Backlogs, U.S. Mission Invests in Future Services

The Consulate General of Mumbai successfully cleared a backlog of over 31,000 immigrant visa cases that accumulated during the pandemic, eliminating waiting periods for applicants with pending immigrant visa applications. Additionally, the U.S. Mission announced substantial investments in the future of consular services in India, including the opening of a new $340 million facility in Hyderabad, the establishment of two new consulates in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, capital improvements nationwide, and the permanent assignment of additional consular officers to India.


Source: Yaxis