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United States Completes Pilot Project for ‘Paperless Visas,’ Plans Gradual Rollout

United States Successfully Completes Pilot Program for ‘Paperless Visa,’ Set to Roll Out Nationwide

The Biden administration has concluded a successful pilot project for a “paperless visa,” signaling a shift away from physical visa stamps or pastings on passport pages. The trial run took place at the U.S. diplomatic mission in Dublin, with plans to extend the initiative gradually. Julie Stufft, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Visa Services, highlighted the excitement surrounding this development, anticipating widespread use in the future. While the process will require additional time—likely 18 months or more—the administration hopes to streamline visa renewal, offering convenience for applicants and officials alike. The eventual goal is to introduce an app or similar digital means for displaying visa status without the need for physical paper in passports. While this change reflects a departure from traditional visa procedures, it maintains the requirement for an interview, distinguishing it from e-visas issued by other countries, such as India’s for tourists. The innovative approach aims to enhance efficiency, reduce reliance on physical documents, and provide a seamless experience for visa applicants.

Source: MSN