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Progress in Green Card Queue for Indians: Verify Status

The January 2024 Visa Bulletin, recently released by the US Department of State, provides crucial updates on per-country priority date cutoffs governing immigrant visa availability and adjustment of status applications. After two months of limited movement, the second quarter of the fiscal year sees significant progress in the Dates for Filing chart, particularly for India EB-1 and China EB-3 applicants, with slight advancements for EB-2 applicants from all countries except India.

The bulletin features both a Dates for Filing Visa Applications chart and an Application Final Action Dates chart. The former guides immigrants on when to file adjustment of status or immigrant visa applications, while the latter indicates when such applications may be approved, leading to the granting of permanent residence.

For January 2024, the USCIS has chosen to use the Dates for Filing chart for employment-based (EB) filings for adjustment of status. This decision affects individuals intending to file applications in January 2024, who must refer to the Dates for Filing chart. To file an EB adjustment application, foreign nationals must have a priority date earlier than the listed date for their preference category and country.

Final action dates, used to determine when an immigrant visa or green card application can be adjudicated, vary based on visa category and country of chargeability. The bulletin outlines both family-sponsored and employment-based preferences, including specific dates for India. It details the processing dates for family-sponsored applications, and employment-based categories such as Priority Workers, Advanced Degree Holders, Skilled Workers, and more. The information also covers set-aside percentages for employment creation preferences related to rural areas, high-unemployment areas, and infrastructure projects. The Dates for Filing chart reflects the dates when individuals can initiate the immigration process for employment-based categories in January 2024.

Source: MSN