Bipartisan Lawmakers Propose ‘Pilot Program’ to Expedite Citizenship for Military-serving Migrants

Amid the breakdown of talks on border and immigration system overhaul, a bipartisan effort led by Reps. John James (R-Mich.) and Pat Ryan (D-N.Y.) aims to establish a faster pathway to citizenship for migrants serving in the U.S. military. The proposed legislation, named the “Courage to Serve Act,” creates a pilot program for qualified migrants, such as asylum seekers and those awaiting work authorization, enabling them to undergo expedited processing for U.S. citizenship if they serve in the armed forces.

The bill mandates thorough vetting by the FBI and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for eligible migrants, allowing them to apply for lawful permanent residency within 180 days of joining the military. Expedited processing of applications would be facilitated after three years of “honorable service in the Armed Forces,” with specific criteria for active duty zones and designated combat zones.

While the application does not guarantee citizenship, applicants must still adhere to existing U.S. immigration laws for admissibility. Both lawmakers, James and Ryan, veterans themselves, emphasized the necessity of immigration reform and addressing military recruitment challenges. The proposed legislation seeks to provide deserving migrants, who demonstrate courage by serving the nation, an opportunity to become American citizens.

Ryan expressed his commitment to pursuing practical measures to secure borders, address military recruitment shortfalls, and improve the lives of immigrants in the country. James highlighted the economic and moral importance of immigration, especially for individuals willing to serve in the military, emphasizing the bill’s significance in aligning with American values.

This initiative comes in the aftermath of the Senate’s failure to pass a $118 billion supplemental security aid and new border policies, facing increasing opposition from GOP members in both the House and Senate.

Source: FoxNews