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There is no dearth of software available in the immigration space- there are forms building software, case management software, practice management software, cloud-based legal software et al. What if there is a combination of all these software on a unified cloud platform?

An end-to-end immigration platform should ideally guide you through the US immigration lifecycle from temporary employment visas to other permanent visa types. Such a platform should ideally handhold beneficiaries through their journeys-starting with a student visa or H-1B to green cards and citizenship-along with other stakeholders, be it petitioners or attorneys. At every step of the way, it should help the stakeholders make informed decisions and have clarity about the next steps.

Does the US immigration landscape have any technology solution providers in this category? We think not. What we have on offer are either case management or cloud practice management software solutions. Let’s look at some benefits an ideal end-to-end immigration platform should include.

Ideal Features & Benefits 

Before you start looking out for the ideal cloud practice management platform, brainstorm the features and benefits you are looking for. Some pointers that may help are as below:

  • Simple, comprehensive, and integrated immigration automation: Transparent petition tracking & frictionless immigration workflow through automated immigration processes, thereby reducing repetitive and added tasks.
  • Transparency: The entire petition workflow should be broken down into actions to be done by stakeholders and assigned accordingly. All stakeholders should have complete knowledge of tasks assigned and transparency on the progress of the petition through the timelines. 
  • Overall visibility and control: All stakeholders should have complete digital access to petition data and can, at the same time, limit access through permission-based controls to team members.
  • Completely digital: It should be a truly digital experience through collaborative work with digital file exchanges, digital signatures, and timely notifications, all remotely.
  • Extensible: The platform should have extendable capabilities that could accommodate more visa types and features.
  • Timely management of immigration events: Every immigration event must be captured, tracked, and must trigger notifications for timely actions. 
  • Increase in approvals and decrease in RFEs: Powerful features like complete petition building, review and analysis must ensure improved outcomes, by increasing the approval rates and reducing RFEs.
  • Collaboration and distributed workload among beneficiary, petitioner, and attorney: As a result of the BAHA executive order, building a petition has become technical and must be a collaborative effort between petitioners, attorneys and beneficiaries with tasks defined clearly.

Imagility: Going Beyond Cloud Practice Management

Clarity | Transparency | Resilience

The Imagility Platform enables end-to-end immigration needs of Beneficiary, Petitioner and Attorney. Unlike being just software that partly automates some tasks in the immigration workflow, the Imagility Platform provides a host of apps and tools to take care of all your immigration needs. It comprehensively helps beneficiaries, employers, and attorneys with navigating and managing the entire visa process.



  • Petitions vs. Forms: Unlike being just a forms builder, this should help stakeholders build robust, complete petitions.
  • Timelines and workflows: Easy navigation, clarity and transparency through timelines and graphic workflows.
  • Review and Analysis: Powerful review and analysis feature that shows the key success elements and the factors that need to be addressed.  
  • RFEs and Green Cards: Takes care of accurate RFE responses in a jiffy and Green card applications at the right time.
  • Templates: Helps build customized and automated templates for effective cover letters and detailed support letters.
  • Complete Immigration Lifecycle: Covers your essential immigration needs comprehensively in one place, helping beneficiaries, petitioners and attorneys navigate and manage the end-to-end visa process.
  • Comprehensive Compliance: Provisions for storage and viewing of public and private access files, FDNS visits etc.
  • Completely digital: Cloud-based platform, enabling digital and fast file exchanges, eliminating any need to meet in person, even for signatures.

It’s time to make an informed decision and switch to a powerful end-to-end cloud platform! And Imagility can be a choice which helps you achieve your goals.

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