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Immigration Software: Vital Features


By Imagility

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LegalTech is here to stay, and the faster attorney firms adapt it, the better it will be for improving business outcomes and overall efficiency. Immigration software comprises LegalTech solutions that promise efficiency and a smooth immigration workflow to law firms and companies that hire global talent.

Before you invest in any immigration software it would be wise to list down the features you are looking for, that will help you streamline your internal processes.  Here is a list of must-have features in any immigration software you should look for:


Digitalized forms

While digital forms involve scanning hard copies of documents, digitalization of forms involves entering form details digitally, on editable form fields, through application interfaces.  Digitalization allows the smart capture, transmission, approval, processing, and use of information.

Immigration law requires the submission of extensive forms to federal agencies like USCIS. Data entry done manually takes hours of tedious work to fill out huge forms. Immigration software technology must automate filling out these forms to start with. This feature can free up many hours of repetitive work, to be utilized for other meaningful work.


One time profile creation

Any immigration software must provide for the digital creation of user profiles. Such user data, stored as a digital profile must automatically connect with relevant tasks/visa forms and pre-populate form fields automatically. The immigration software must have the ability to use logic and other business rules to validate and populate data across all visa types at any point, any number of times. The user should also have the flexibility of updating profile information at any time with changes automatically reflected across all tasks/visas.


Secure Cloud storage

Law firms fear data security and privacy loopholes since this is the prime factor that drives trust in the attorney-client relationship. Being trained as lawyers, these firms always think of the worst-case scenarios and deeply fear the loss of private and sensitive information their clients have entrusted. Also, most law firms do not have large established information security departments to take care of breaches or data leaks.

The best immigration software for lawyers would be one that assures complete protection of information, data, and documents at all times. LegalTech sales teams that demonstrate and ensure secure legal services have a greater chance of making successful deals with law firms. This holds good for petitioning companies as well.


Permission Controls

Any immigration software that offers different levels of permissions to various users in a firm/company, is a winner. Attorney firms or HR immigration teams may have a number of staff/ personnel holding different levels of responsibility. If the software accommodates different permission levels for staff, it would be easy to delegate tasks across teams quickly.

Added to this, the software must trigger notifications or alerts for important immigration events.  It would be an added advantage if staff could communicate with beneficiaries directly through the application interface. This way, no important dates or communication will fall through the cracks and there will be no memory lapse anywhere.


Evolve with USCIS policy changes

USCIS constantly evolves its policies & procedures, and immigration firms need to keep pace with it. If immigration software could automatically get updated to reflect policy and form changes, it would save many hours of re-work and changes.


Make the right choice

Choose the right immigration software after doing a careful comparison analysis.

Imagility will allow you and your clients to easily and securely share or exchange important files, with transparent workflows, guided petition building and analysis, along with automatic notifications and alerts, cutting down drastically on emails and phone calls, saving thousands of dollars for your firm. Added to this is our smooth data migration process and post-deployment support to help you every step of the way.

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