How to Expedite Your USCIS Immigration Application


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One of the biggest concerns for immigrants is the length of time it takes for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to process petitions and applications. Whether you’re an employer petitioning to sponsor immigrant workers or an individual pursuing family-based immigration, the wait for USCIS responses can be concerning. In this blog, we provide some suggestions to expedite your application process, offering valuable insights to help applicants and petitioners navigate the complexities of USCIS procedures more efficiently.

  1. Follow Guidelines Precisely
    It is essential to follow USCIS guidelines. Carefully read the application instructions to avoid errors and setbacks that could result in delays.
  2. Submit a Complete Application
    Carefully gather all required documents. A complete application package reduces the need for USCIS to seek clarifications or issue Requests for Evidence (RFEs), speeding up the approval process.
  3. Stay Informed and Avoid Mistakes
    Stay updated on immigration policies and rules. Double-check forms, documents, and fees to avoid inaccuracies, ensuring a seamless submission process.
  4. Explore Priority Filing and Premium Processing
    Research priority processing options for your application. Certain categories are eligible for expedited processing. Additionally, consider premium processing for faster results, which is available in select visa categories like F-1, H-1B, H-2B, L-1A, and a few other visa categories listed here.
  5. Embrace Technology: Submit Electronic Applications
    You can go for online submission where available. Electronic submissions are processed faster, providing a quick alternative to traditional paper applications.
  6. Utilize Consular Processing
    You can consider applying for a U.S. visa at a consulate in your home country. Consular processing often speeds up the approval process for immigrants.
  7. Engage Courier and Certified Translation Services
    Use courier services to submit physical documents to ensure secure and timely delivery. You can include certified translations for non-English documents to avoid verification delays.
  8. Stay Proactive: Follow Up and Track Your Application
    If you do not receive any updates on your application, you should check in with USCIS on a regular basis. You can also use USCIS tracking tools to stay informed about the progress of your application at every stage.
  9. Enhance Flexibility: Appointments and Communication
    Be flexible with interview and biometric appointment times, and accept earlier slots if they are available. When communicating with USCIS, be clear and use the proper channels, and include your application number for efficient correspondence.
  10. Consider Professional Assistance: Employ an Immigration Attorney
    An experienced immigration attorney can help you expedite your application process. Immigration attorneys have the expertise to prepare your application and guide you, ensuring that it complies with all requirements.
  11. AILA Recommendations: Advocating for Change
    The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has submitted detailed recommendations to USCIS in order to improve processing times. These suggestions are vital in advocating for systemic change.

How Imagility Can Help?

Imagility revolutionizes immigration processes, ensuring speed and accuracy through cutting-edge technology and expert guidance.

  • Online Petition Completion

Utilize Imagility’s user-friendly digital platform to complete your petitions effortlessly. Our intuitive interface simplifies the complex paperwork, enabling you to submit your application accurately and promptly.

  • Advanced Algorithmic Analysis

Imagility employs state-of-the-art algorithms to meticulously analyze your petitions. By scrutinizing every detail, we catch errors before submission, significantly reducing the likelihood of receiving Requests for Evidence (RFEs) from USCIS and potential delays.

  • Personalized Guidance from Immigration Experts

Our team of immigration experts is at your service, offering tailored guidance throughout the process. Whether you require clarification on specific requirements or need assistance in filling out particular sections, our experts provide personalized support, ensuring your application is error-free and submission-ready.

  • Seamless Access to Specialized Immigration Attorneys

In the event legal assistance is needed, Imagility simplifies the search for the right immigration attorney. We connect you with specialized attorneys experienced in handling cases similar to yours. These attorneys, vetted by Imagility, guarantee law-compliant applications and align perfectly with your unique immigration needs.

By entrusting your immigration petition to Imagility, you minimize the risk of receiving an RFE or encountering delays. Our technology-driven approach, along with expert guidance, ensures your application is comprehensive, error-free, and submitted on time. Get in touch with us at +1 603 782 4622/+1 617 865 6588. to learn how Imagility can help your business.


By following this comprehensive guide, applicants can significantly speed up their USCIS immigration application process. Embracing technology, staying informed, and learning from successful industry models are key steps toward achieving swifter approvals, ensuring a brighter future for immigrants in the United States.

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