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The immigration landscape has become challenging since the BAHA proclamation in 2017. Denials and RFEs are steadily rising, causing distress to beneficiaries, and revenue loss to Petitioners and Attorneys, with workload increase. Is there a better way to improve visa outcomes for everyone? After all, everybody is working towards a common goal – visa approvals. Can all stakeholders run this obstacle race together and hit the finishing line together too? Executing immigration through a collaborative approach and top-notch immigration services is now possible.

Each stakeholder has a unique set of challenges that impede them from navigating the immigration process with ease. Through this article, we will explore how Imagility with its tech-driven immigration services makes every stage of the immigration process easier.

Beneficiary Challenges

The beneficiary follows instructions, sends all details and related documents that the internal immigration team or attorneys demand through email. After this, the beneficiary is totally in the dark about how the petition is shaping up. Then there will be an occasional mail asking for more documents or frantic calls from Attorneys when the deadline is closer. This is mostly the case with H-1B petitions with soaring demand and tight deadlines. Next could be incomprehensible RFEs or, even worse, a denial. The beneficiary has no idea about what went wrong and how the same mistakes can be avoided next time by availing of top-class immigration services. What beneficiaries struggle with:

  • Navigating the complex immigration process
  • No visibility into petition building
  • Consolidating Documents for submission
  • Finding the right sponsors

How Imagility can help

Imagility offers a simple, collaborative way of building petitions collaboratively. The entire petition workflow is broken down into actions to be done by stakeholders and assigned accordingly. There is a graphical representation of this workflow as a timeline. All stakeholders have complete knowledge of the tasks assigned and transparency on the progress of the petition through the timelines.

  ●  One-time digital profile creation

Through the Imagility platform, beneficiaries can register themselves and family members quickly with basic information like name, date of birth, age, country of origin, etc. Once the beneficiary successfully registers with the platform, he does not need to fill in the details again while filing the petition. The information stored in the profile auto-populates digital forms, making filing and tracking petitions easy, with complete visibility into the immigration process and next steps.

With one-time profile creation for self and family, users can quickly provide accurate and up-to-date information when required, with automatic updation during petition building.

  ●  Automatic notifications/alerts

The automatic notification feature makes the immigration process easier and hassle-free for beneficiaries. They will not need any reminders or face memory lapse as they will receive timely alerts of any updates to the petition or any missing information through the platform. Mobile apps complement the platform to help beneficiaries with easy access and tracking on the go.

Attorney Challenges

For the number of tasks to run at an immigration firm, Attorneys need to be hyper multi-taskers with a cool head. Right from client intake, forms completion, document/case management, calendaring, time tracking, reporting, billing, and invoicing payments, attorneys are stretched thin for time. Added to this is the constant updates to be given to clients on visa status, documents, signatures, court dates, etc. Some challenges immigration attorneys face include the following:

  • Maintaining good client experience
  • Creating internal workflows for the team
  • Task management
  • Document management
  • Billing and accounting

How Imagility can help

Imagility’s support of the immigration process is beyond case and practice management software services; it delivers the best-in-class end-to-end immigration services. It comprises immigration software for attorneys, client management software, case management software, and more, all rolled into one.

Imagility offers Attorney solutions that provide law firms with the full scope of creating, managing, and supporting visa petitions and green cards, working with clients and beneficiaries, automating the entire immigration to petition lifecycle, and providing notifications and alerts, among others.

  ● Intelligent petition building

Imagility petition building tool help make the immigration process easier by automating the creation of petitions. The platform’s petition builder tool gathers clients’ data and automatically creates the petition, ensuring all forms are correctly filled out, with relevant evidence included. This increases accuracy and minimizes errors, resulting in a more successful petition for the client. The platform also helps create a more customized petition tailored to the client’s specific needs, saving time and resources for the attorney. Thus, the platform offers top-notch visa immigration services for attorneys worldwide.

  ●  Robust Petition analysis

Petition Analysis examines built petitions rigorously and checks it for accuracy and correctness through nine categories, and makes recommendations through insightful reports to enhance the success rate of petitions. This gives attorneys infinite opportunities to amend and improve core elements in the petition.

  ●  Practice management

Imagility can streamline attorneys’ practice management needs conveniently. With Imagility’s AI and ML-enabled software, immigration lawyers can efficiently manage day-to-day practice management requirements. This includes easily accessing client records, securely storing and managing case documents, generating reports to track progress, and getting payments.

Immigration lawyers can keep up with the ever-changing immigration regulations with real-time updates, ensuring that all petitions and forms filed are compliant with US immigration laws.

  ●  Effective Case management

The case management tool allows attorneys to track the progress of each case, assign tasks, and provide visibility into the status of each application. This helps immigration lawyer manage their workload more effectively and efficiently. The case management tool enables them to easily review past cases and maintain a record of any decisions made.

It also gives real-time insights into the cases, enabling immigration lawyers to make informed decisions quickly. Case management enables them to manage their workflow better and prioritize cases based on importance. The top features of its immigration case management system include:

  • Seamless Petition Building through a step-by-step guided timeline
  • Comprehensive Petition Analysis
  • Employer Obligatory Compliance
  • Effective RFE Response Building
  • Designing Green Cards
  • Template Building Capabilities
  • Insightful reports to improve results
  • All case-tracking communication is through notifications and updates on the platform itself.
  • Retention of cases, record keeping, and compliance

Employer Challenges

The Petitioner has to take care of managing beneficiaries, applying for new visas, new transfers, amendments, extensions, work with Attorneys, shuffle papers back and forth, deal with the RFEs, NOIDs, NOIRs, deadlines and delays. While the workload is increasing, companies are losing thousands of dollars and have 30% more denials. This seems to be an endless loop, demotivating the immigration team. Some challenges employers face:

  • Global talent acquisition
  • Changing immigration policies
  • Complex immigration processes
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Responding to RFEs

How Imagility can help

Imagility takes care of all immigration and compliance needs while offering a hassle-free user experience through features such as petition analysis, virtual adjudicator, letter templates, RFE response building, compliance management, and document management, among others. In addition, the platform allows companies to complete immigration formalities with employees and legal bodies simultaneously, so each of them has a clear picture of the actions and credentials required at different points of the petitioning process.

Imagility covers – employment-based immigration and family-based support, support for temporary workers and family, and end-to-end immigration processing and management.

   ●  End-to-end Immigration

Unparallelled end-to-end immigration platform and technology with detailed petition building timelines and workflows, petition analysis (a virtual adjudicator), RFE response building, template letter building, comprehensive compliance, receipts, notifications, alerts, onboarding, and offboarding employees, full access to documents, among others. Imagility also covers a range of immigration services, including but not limited to Lottery, visa stamping, mobile apps, updated policies, employment visas, and forms to support other USCIS, DOL, and DOS services, global support, integrations, support for petitioners, beneficiaries, attorneys, students, investors, visitors, etc.

   ●  Comprehensive Immigration Compliance

Imagility ensures that employer obligations are met, including public and private access file storage for beneficiaries, LCA posting and acknowledgment, I-9 forms, FDNS compliance, and internal audits. This allows companies to securely store and access confidential files and documents digitally, enable digital signatures, and get notifications and alerts, which improves process efficiency. The Imagility Platform takes care of all compliance requirements and provisions for the storage and viewing of public and private access files for every H-1B employee, along with I-9 forms.

Summing Up!

The platform is equipped with robust features and tools to smoothen the immigration process for all stakeholders. It offers exclusive features for each stakeholder, attorney, beneficiary, and petitioner (employer), enabling them to collaborate to build effective petitions to improve visa outcomes.

With the Imagility platform, beneficiaries can realize their dream of entering the USA either for a short time or a long period. Attorneys can boost their case management and practice management capabilities to take their firm to the next level. And employers can hire global talent with ease with the platform’s intelligent petition-building and end-to-end immigration support. Mobile apps supplement the platform to deliver one-on-one value to all stakeholders, helping them track and stay on top of petitions on the move. In case you have any questions, you can contact us at

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