H-1B Lottery 2024 (FY2025): Recent Trends and What to Expect

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Recent Trends in H1B
H1B Lottery 2024-25 Predictions
Less H1B registration than in previous years
Chances of Second Lottery
Premium Processing will be available

Since USCIS announced the dates for H1B lottery registration for the fiscal year 2025, prospects have started discussing the expected trends for the FY 2025 H1B lottery season. Last year, we observed that the total number of registrations was higher than in any previous fiscal year.

USCIS had received 780,884 registrations, out of which 188,400 applicants were selected. This way, only 24 percent of applicants were shortlisted and got a chance to submit complete H1B visa petitions. In this blog, we will discuss the recent trends for the H1B lottery and what we can expect for the FY 2025 H1B cap season.

Recent Trends in H1B

Understanding past H1B trends helps petitioners and beneficiaries to stay ahead of the curve. If we look at the total number of H1B registrations for the last four years, we will find the numbers have steadily grown for these years (FY 2021- FY 2024). This suggests that this time, too, the number could go up.

Let’s look at the past four years of H1B registrations.

Cap Fiscal Year

Total Registrations

Eligible Registrations


















But for the FY 2025 H1B cap season, USCIS has introduced some changes to the H1B lottery registrations, which may limit the number of H1B registrations this time. USCIS has introduced “one registration per person” to ensure fair selection in the H1B lottery process.

H1B Lottery 2024-25 Predictions

Each year, we see different kinds of trends in comparison to previous years. There have been instances of companies filing duplicate H1B registrations to maximize their chances of being selected in the lottery, which has resulted in the cancellation of H1B registration applications for that company in previous years. Our team of immigration experts has analyzed data for the past few years and come up with some analysis. Let’s take a closer look:

Less H1B registration than in previous years:

It is anticipated that the trend of increased numbers of H1B registrations may not continue for this fiscal year. Since USCIS has announced “one registration per person,” this may affect the number of H1B registrations for FY 2025.

Chances of Second Lottery:

As we witnessed last year, USCIS had to conduct a second round of the H1B lottery to complete the quota of the H1B cap. This time, too, we can expect the second round of the lottery to take place.

Premium Processing will be available:

USCIS offers premium processing services to petitioners and individuals if they want to expedite the H1B petition application process. It is an extra benefit for petitioners to expedite the petition process. Our team of immigration experts predicts that for the FY 2025 H1B cap season, the premium processing service will be available for petitioners and individuals.

USCIS guarantees if petitioners opt for premium processing, it will process the application in 15 business days. Moreover, the fee for premium processing is $2805.


The H1B registration application process happens once a year. So, it is recommended that petitioners and individuals collaborate well to register for the H1B lottery. The petitioner should avoid submitting duplicate H1B registrations; otherwise, it would lead to the cancellation of the application. Since the H1B lottery registration starts on 6th March, petitioners should start preparations early to avoid last-minute delays.

You can also use the Imagility H1B lottery app, which enables you to find eligible candidates and register seamlessly to the USCIS portal directly through the app. One of the remarkable features of the app is that if you get selected in the lottery, you can use the information already stored in the app to submit complete H1B visa petitions to USCIS. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app today and embark on a new H1B journey like never before.

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