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Automating Immigration Workflow


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Any Immigration Software promising world-class features must bear in mind that the single most powerful feature they could provide is automated immigration workflow. The US immigration process comprises complex steps that include beneficiary details, voluminous forms, employment details (depending on visa type), supporting documents, cover letters and other components.

While we have covered vital features that any immigration software must-have in our blog Immigration Software – Vital Features, automated workflows remain yet another core feature to reduce the workload of attorneys and immigration teams.

Attorney and immigration teams spend a considerable amount of time answering client enquiries, case status calls or scheduling appointments with clients. If all these repetitive tasks could be taken care of or integrated with the immigration workflow itself, it would help attorneys and immigration teams save an enormous amount of time on non-billable work.

Intake & workflow management

The Client intake process is the most important step toward starting a cordial working relationship with clients. But this is also the most time-consuming and exhaustive. Automating the intake process by allowing clients to build their own profiles can keep the client engaged in the intake process. If clients could be onboarded to the immigration software application or platform and given credentials to log in and enter education, immigration, employment, and family details, it would start the immigration workflow smoothly. This one-time activity could foster a long-term relationship with the client, with profile data re-used multiple times for as many immigration events as possible, along with the flexibility of updating it at any time.

No more time is lost in data entry. Once client information and case details are entered, they are securely stored in one central location, that can be easily accessed by staff who have relevant permissions, from anywhere.

Comprehensive visa and green card automation

Once the client’s requirements are captured, the relevant visa process gets triggered. The immigration software should have an active dashboard that shows tasks’ status at a glance.

If each task for any visa or Green Card is divided into steps, with each step leading to a set of actions on a self-explanatory timeline, visa processes would be simplified to a great extent. At the end of the task, the software could pull together all the data entered by various stakeholders and a well-structured petition all set to be submitted to the USCIS is ready! This would be true workflow automation.

Assignment & tracking of tasks

The immigration team should have a clear workflow relevant to each visa, such as an H-1B, L-1, O-1 or Green Card. Every step within that workflow should be assigned to a specific stakeholder and have set procedures and due dates. Tasks under each workflow are clearly assigned to team members and every team member’s role and responsibilities should be clear. A transparent and intuitive workflow would go a long way in teams picking it up on the job without any support.

If all tasks could be tracked through intuitive at-a-glance dashboards that provide a holistic view of case status, ownership, and current action items, a lot of time could be utilized on core immigration work.


All communication challenges between attorneys/immigration teams and clients could be resolved by immigration software, with the ability to send automatic notifications and alerts for important immigration events, reminders for court dates, meetings etc. This would be a big value-add that could cut down email, telephonic and in-person meetings by half.

Automating appointment scheduling will get rid of any manual scheduling and memory lapses. Clients will receive an automated appointment reminder, and so will you, ensuring that everyone stays on track.

Make the right choice

Choose the right immigration software after mapping all available features to your requirements and after seeing a demo or doing a trial run.

Imagility makes immigration simple and easy by breaking down convoluted immigration processes into smooth workflows that are intuitive to the user. It enables you and your clients to easily and securely share or exchange important files, with transparent workflows, guided petition building and analysis, along with automatic notifications and alerts, cutting down drastically on emails and phone calls, saving precious time and money. Our smooth data migration process and post-deployment support will also help you every step of the way.

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