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Possible Surge in US Visa Fees in Early 2024 Sparks Early Filing Advocacy

US Immigration Fees May Surge in Early 2024, Prompting Calls for Early Filings

In January 2023, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) proposed fee increases, including substantial hikes for H-1B visas. The final ruling, initially expected earlier, is now slated for December or January 2024, with an effective date 60-90 days thereafter. Advocates recommend early filings to avoid the proposed fee surge.

Proposed Fee Increases:

H-1B E-registration fee: $10 to $215 (2050%)
H-1B visa application fee: $460 to $780 (70%)
L visa (intra-company transfer) application fee: $460 to $1,385 (201%)
EB-5 investor petition fee: $3,675 to $11,160 (204%)
EB-5 investor petition for status removal (with biometric services): $3,835 to $9,525 (148%)
Citizenship application fee: $640 to $760 (19%)
USCIS justified the proposed rule as a response to a comprehensive fee review, citing the need to recover the full cost of agency operations, especially considering the revenue impact of the pandemic. If enacted, US employers sponsoring immigration employees will face increased costs, with notable spikes in H-1B fees and significant hikes for EB-5 investors.

Immigration attorneys advise potential applicants to consider early filings to secure current fees, anticipating only minor tweaks in the final ruling.

Source: MSN