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Biden Administration Issues Warning of Lawsuit Against Texas for Enforcing Stringent Immigration Legislation

The Biden administration issued a stern warning to Texas, cautioning that legal action would be taken if the state proceeded with implementing Senate Bill 4 (SB4), a stringent immigration law. SB4 grants state and local law enforcement authority to apprehend, detain, and prosecute migrants suspected of entering the U.S. unlawfully. The Justice Department intended to file a lawsuit against SB4 unless Texas commits by January 3 to refrain from enforcing the law slated for March. The legislation, if enacted, would criminalize actions already illegal at the federal level, potentially straining relations with Mexico. Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brian Boynton deemed SB4 unconstitutional and a hindrance to federal immigration operations, urging Texas to withhold enforcement. Failure to comply could result in the U.S. filing a lawsuit to prevent SB4 enforcement. Governor Greg Abbott, who signed SB4 into law, criticized the administration’s stance, emphasizing Texas’s resolve to defend the legislation before the Supreme Court. SB4, already contested by the ACLU in federal court, has raised concerns about potential racial profiling and its impact on public safety. The law would make unauthorized immigration a state crime, varying from a misdemeanor to a felony, with punishments including imprisonment and fines. Abbott contends that SB4 aims to deter illegal border crossings, while critics argue it could lead to racial profiling and strain law enforcement resources.

Source: CBS