Nine Democratic Governors Urge Swift Action on Immigration Reform

As the U.S. Congress grapples with formulating a comprehensive immigration reform package, nine Democratic governors from various states have joined forces to advocate for prompt action. In a letter addressed to President Joe Biden and leaders from both the Republican and Democratic parties in Congress, these governors emphasize the urgent need for decisive measures to support states grappling with escalating immigration volumes.

The letter calls for a committed effort to overhaul the outdated and unprepared national immigration system, particularly in response to the recent surge in migrants at the southern border. While the governors of Arizona, California, and New Mexico—border states—highlight the strain on their regions, leaders from states farther from the southern border, including Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York, underscore that the impact of increased immigration is felt nationwide.

Amid record-breaking arrivals, with up to 300,000 migrants in December alone, the majority crossing outside designated entry points, the governors stress the need for federal support. The letter highlights the inability of states and cities to address the strain on resources without congressional action and calls for a coordinated federal response to address the humanitarian and public safety concerns associated with lawful entry into the United States.

Governor Kathy Hochul of New York spearheaded the letter, given the significant influx of migrants to her state. With New York City Mayor Eric Adams implementing rules to manage the discharge of buses carrying migrants, the letter emphasizes the necessity of a comprehensive federal approach to address the current challenges.

As global factors contribute to the surge in migration, the governors contend that a modernized and efficient process for managing the border is essential. While a bipartisan effort in the Senate is reportedly underway to draft a comprehensive immigration bill, its fate in the House of Representatives remains uncertain, with potential political considerations impacting progress during a presidential election year.


Source: VOA