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Work permits for illegal migrants turn out to be a distraction, not a solution.

The recent City Council hearing exposed that the idea of “let them work” was never a real solution to the illegal migrant crisis in the city. Only a little over 2,100 migrants have applied for work authorization, and none have received federal approval. Despite Governor Kathy Hochul’s efforts to expand Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelan migrants, the reality on the ground is starkly different.

Out of the 160,000 migrants in the city during the crisis, approximately 65,000 are in the city’s care. While some are working off the books, the number of migrants eligible for work permits remains uncertain. Many are required to file additional paperwork before waiting for months to apply for legal work rights, adding to the bureaucratic challenges.

Mayor Eric Adams pledges to expand the city’s efforts to assist with applications, emphasizing the need for federal support in this “national crisis.” However, the influx of migrants continues at an alarming rate, with Adams acknowledging the arrival of 16-17,000 migrants each month. The promise of assistance in obtaining work rights may unintentionally encourage more migrants to come.

Despite the option to curtail the “right to shelter” as a measure to slow the tide, Adams and Hochul are hesitant, seeking court limitations only for “asylum seekers.” This term itself is questioned, as most migrants, having crossed other countries to reach the U.S., appear to be more motivated by economic opportunities than escaping oppression.

On a national scale, September marked a new record with 269,735 arrivals at the southern border. President Biden’s proposal for an additional $14 billion for border security is unlikely to bring significant change unless the practice of allowing most illegal migrants to enter is addressed. The burden on the nation and New York City will persist until a more comprehensive approach is adopted, but both Hochul and Adams avoid explicitly acknowledging this reality, allowing red herrings to persist.

Source: MSN