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Indians to Experience Reduced US Visa Wait Times Thanks to THIS Initiative

recently announced plans to establish new consulate offices in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad, signaling a strategic move to accelerate visa processing across the country.

Addressing reporters, the U.S. Envoy highlighted the bolstering of staff at the Hyderabad consulate, a key step in addressing the visa backlog. He also confirmed ongoing efforts to set up new consulates in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad, further contributing to the mission of expediting the visa application process.

Acknowledging the surge in visa applications from India, Ambassador Garcetti recognized the challenges posed by the increased demand and stated that the additional personnel and consulate offices aim to overcome these hurdles. Notably, the number of U.S. visas issued to Indians has risen by one-third in recent weeks, reflecting a concerted effort to tackle the backlog.

In a positive development, Ambassador Garcetti shared that the wait times for U.S. visas, particularly for students and tourists, have seen a significant reduction. Depending on the type of application submitted to the U.S. Embassy, the waiting period has decreased from six months to a year.

The surge in visa applications from India led to an accumulation of backlogs, making it challenging to meet the demand. However, the U.S. Embassy is actively addressing this issue with the expansion of staff and the establishment of new consulate offices, underscoring the commitment to streamline the visa issuance process for Indian nationals.

In a noteworthy milestone, the U.S. Embassy achieved a record in September by issuing one million U.S. visas to Indians. The official statement from the embassy highlighted that the number of visas issued has already surpassed the total processed in 2022. In comparison to pre-pandemic years, 20 percent more applications have been processed in 2023, showcasing a robust effort to meet the evolving demands of visa processing.

Source: MSN