Immigration Dominates as Top Concern for New Hampshire Republicans; Majority Express Concerns Over Impact

Immigration emerges as the paramount issue for Republican voters, capturing the primary focus in both New Hampshire and Iowa, according to recent polling data. In Iowa, 40% of Republicans identify immigration as the most critical concern, surpassing the economy and jobs, which garnered a third of the respondents. This trend is mirrored in New Hampshire, where 40% of Republican primary voters prioritize immigration as their top issue.

Delving into personal financial sentiments, New Hampshire Republicans express concerns about their economic well-being, aligning with the sentiments observed in Iowa’s Republican caucuses. A significant portion of New Hampshire Republican primary voters considers their financial situation to be less than favorable, reminiscent of Iowa’s nearly 60% who claimed to be “holding steady,” with another third stating they were “falling behind.”

The overarching prominence of immigration as a key issue persists nationwide among Republicans, reflecting a consistent pattern observed in New Hampshire. When gauging the perception of New Hampshire Republicans regarding the impact of immigrants on the country, close to 70% assert that immigrants contribute more harm than good.

This sentiment parallels findings in Iowa, where three-quarters of Republicans shared the belief that immigrants have a detrimental rather than a positive impact on the nation. The enduring focus on immigration underscores its pivotal role in shaping the discourse within the Republican electorate, with implications for the upcoming political landscape.


Source: FOX NEWS