Immigration Dominates Republican Discourse on Super Tuesday, Reflecting Voter Priorities

In the lead-up to Super Tuesday, Republican right-wing media in the U.S. has placed a significant focus on immigration, echoing the sentiments of voters in the party’s presidential primary elections. A considerable number of Republicans participating in these primaries have identified immigration as their top concern, aligning with the campaign promise made by former President Donald Trump to deport immigrants in the country illegally. The Republican base, particularly in states like California, North Carolina, and Virginia, has shown strong support for Trump’s commitment to executing the largest deportation of immigrants in U.S. history if he secures the party’s nomination and defeats Democratic incumbent Joe Biden on November 5th. Exit polls conducted by Edison Research indicate substantial backing for deportation, with 69% in California, 62% in North Carolina, and 59% in Virginia among Republican voters expressing support for such measures. As Trump seeks a resounding victory on Super Tuesday, his unwavering stance on immigration resonates strongly with the party’s base. FRANCE 24 engages in a discussion on this pivotal topic with Dr. Casey Dominguez, Department Chair and Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of San Diego.


Source: FRANCE24