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Canada/United States: Border Crossings in Niagara Region and Certain International Flights Halted Following Explosion

Quick Overview
Following an explosion at Rainbow Bridge earlier today, the Peace, Rainbow, and Lewiston/Queenston crossings along the U.S.-Canada border are temporarily closed. Simultaneously, international flights to and from Buffalo International Airport are suspended, accompanied by heightened security measures.

In Detail
In the aftermath of an explosion on the U.S. side of the Rainbow Bridge crossing, the Peace, Rainbow, and Lewiston/Queenston land crossings at the U.S.-Canada border have been shut down as investigations unfold. Despite initial reports of normal operations at area airports, recent updates indicate that Buffalo International Airport is no longer facilitating international flights, with additional security screenings now in effect.

Travelers scheduled to pass through the affected border crossings should anticipate cancellations or delays. The resumption timeline for international flights and border crossings remains uncertain. Those with impending travel plans are advised to explore alternative arrangements, considering the potential for sudden changes due to the ongoing investigation. Law enforcement officials are encouraging local travelers to postpone their plans until further updates are available.

Source: Fragomen