2024 Global Immigration Trends Report: Easing Immigration Policies

The 2024 Worldwide Immigration Trends Report has been released, providing insights into the current factors influencing the global workforce, impacting companies, and shaping economies. The report notes a continued decline in restrictive immigration policies globally, with potential shifts based on election outcomes in 2024.

Despite low unemployment rates in many countries, challenges persist due to a demographic and skills mismatch, leaving critical job positions unfilled. Governments are increasingly adopting digitalization and innovation in immigration processes, emphasizing the need to address AI-related risks and ethical dilemmas.

The report suggests that strategic partnerships between governments and universities could alleviate skills shortages, with educational institutions playing an active role in talent attraction. As companies turn to nearshore, governments must adapt immigration practices to meet demand and address implications.

The annual report aims to stimulate discussions about the role of immigration in economic prosperity, foreign talent, and global competitiveness.


Source: Fragomen