Bipartisan National Security Agreement Grants Work Authorization to H-4 Visa Holders in the US

In a landmark development benefiting H-1B visa holders and their families, a bipartisan National Security Agreement, endorsed by the White House, unveils automatic work authorization for around 100,000 H-4 visa holders, encompassing spouses and children of specific H-1B visa holders.

This agreement brings relief to numerous Indian technology professionals awaiting Green Cards, specifically addressing the challenges faced by spouses who were previously unable to work. Moreover, it addresses the concern of potential deportation for children who have aged out. The bill introduces safeguards for children of long-term H-1B visa holders against aging, provided they maintain H4 status for eight years.

As part of a comprehensive initiative to tackle immigration challenges and improve the U.S. immigration system, the bill allocates an additional 18,000 employment-based green cards annually for the next five years, eliminating country caps. This bipartisan effort signifies a positive step forward in addressing key issues within the immigration framework.

Source: Chennai online