Tulsa Mayor Addresses Immigration Rumors, Dismissing False Claims

Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum is setting the record straight, addressing unfounded rumors that Tulsa is transforming into a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants. In a Facebook statement, Bynum dismissed the claims as “ridiculous garbage” and clarified common misconceptions, including the false notions of an immigrant processing camp and caravans in Tulsa.

While acknowledging Tulsa’s efforts to support immigrants legally, Bynum emphasized that the city remains committed to enforcing federal immigration laws. City Councilor Christian Bengel echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of working within the existing legal framework until federal border issues are resolved.

Amid concerns, Bynum pointed out a business center initiative aimed at assisting immigrants in starting lawful and successful businesses. However, misconceptions persist, prompting other city councilors like Grant Miller to emphasize that government support should not be based on immigration status.

Bengel urged residents to seek accurate information from reliable sources and attend committee meetings if they have concerns. Tulsa aims to support legal immigrants while upholding the law and dispelling false rumors surrounding its stance on immigration.

Source: Newson6