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How recent Immigration Policies will impact Attorney Firms


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Present Immigration Landscape

US Immigration policies under President Biden have changed dramatically and in diametrically opposite ways to what they were under the Trump regime. Trump’s presidency is perceived as covering all aspects of immigration, carrying out 86 executive actions during its first year and over 472 over its four-year term as per the Migration Policy Institute (MPI). In contrast, the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) logged 296 executive actions on immigration taken by the Biden administration as of January 19, (2022), as Biden finishes his first year in office.

Biden means business and he made it crystal clear, starting his tenure in office by issuing six executive orders on immigration and sending Congress a framework for a comprehensive immigration reform bill, the most ambitious of any president in a generation. President Biden sent a clear signal that he meant to overturn the anti-immigration stance of his predecessor and kept up his campaign narrative of focusing on immigration issues.

What has Changed?

Many things. Keen to change the way the world perceives the US on immigration, his changes impact the language (‘alien’ to ‘non-citizen’) used in filings to the time taken to issue visas and green cards.

Starting with the Executive Order 14012, highlights of changes done since last year include:

  • Eased path to green cards after graduation (for students)
  • More employment-based visas, with reduced wait times & backlogs
  • Removal of restrictions on family-based immigration
  • Employment authorization for all H-4 temporary visa holders
  • A path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants
  • Dreamers, TPS holders, and immigrant farmworkers would be able to apply for green cards immediately.

What does this translate to, for Attorneys?

More cases, more work. But unlike during the Trump Era, this is good work, enabling eligible immigrants to contribute to the US economy. Unlike the stress of mounting denials and RFEs, Attorneys will see a manifold jump in volumes primarily in family-based immigration, green cards, and employment-based visa categories. This will be accompanied by volumes of new guidelines, policies, forms, and deadlines.

The Need of the Hour

It is time for Attorney firms to prepare for growth, by exploring technology solutions to create, leverage and improve outcomes. The best immigration case management software or immigration law software may fall short in handling peak workloads with continuous changes to immigration rules.

Any tool or software solution must have streamlined processes and access to policy changes and implications. But can any immigration law or case management software accomplish all this? Immigration case management software primarily has these capabilities – case intake, case management, reporting, workflow, access and controls.

Going Beyond Immigration Case Management

Immigration software can guide you through complicated questions, point out omissions, grammatical errors, and conflicting entries, and help you maintain consistency through the form-filling exercise. Immigration Law Software can surely relieve Attorneys from repetitive administrative tasks. However, filling out forms or other administrative tasks are just one part of the immigration process.

However, any End-to-end immigration process involves:

  • helping beneficiaries connect with companies/sponsors,
  • picking the right visa type suited to the position and beneficiary,
  • onboarding,
  • guided petition building with recommendations,
  • analyzing petitions to maximize approval rate
  • handling the entire lifecycle or the petition,
  • case managing and tracking
  • sending alerts and notifications for renewal or change in visa type,
  • managing data security &compliance,
  • completely digital, access from anywhere, anytime
  • family-based immigration process and much more.

Imagility takes care of all this and more. While Imagility offers many features, its case management features include seamless Petition Building through the step-by-step guided timeline, Comprehensive Petition Analysis, Employer Obligatory Compliance, Effective RFE Response Building, Designing Green Cards, Template Building Capabilities, and Insightful reports to improve results. All case tracking communication is through notifications and updates on the platform itself, Retention of cases, record keeping and compliance. Attorney firms need to see no further.

The Imagility Platform supports different immigration and non-immigration visa types (H-1B, Green Card, I-140, L, E, O, TN, K, I-130 and more) and want to do more for migrants chasing the American dream at different stages of their life, be it a student, professional, family or investor.

Are you Ready?

Attorney firms need to brace themselves for all the heavy lifting with an efficient, automated technology solution to ease their workload and make immigration truly about helping immigrants live their lives, on their terms.

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