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Attorney firms are under pressure to digitize and digitalize, especially post Covid. The Digital Law Office has acquired a renewed interest. Attorney firms that have not yet embraced technology, are beginning to do so since their very existence depends on it.

Many Immigration attorney firms have digitized one part of the immigration process, which is scanning beneficiary documents and storing digital copies of them. This is only the most rudimentary step towards shifting to a paperless law office.

What Technology Cannot Do

Technology cannot greet clients, and make them feel welcome, comfortable, and important. Technology cannot listen to a client or reassure them. This needs trained and caring staff. Only when your staff will be freed up of all time-consuming, repetitive tasks, will they be able to focus on matters that need human interaction. A paperless law office is the first step towards reducing repetitive work and the endless searches for physical documents.

Paperless Law Office

A paperless law office would be equipped with some hardware like document scanners, computer systems, tablets to show documents to clients etc. You will also need to look at storing documents on the cloud on Dropbox or some such file-sharing software. You may also invest in document automation software that helps you scan, organize and name your files.


However, until you digitalize the entire workflow from form intake, profile creation, petition building, cover and support letter creation, client communication and collaboration. Some immigration software or immigration case management software may help you digitalize some of these processes that would already be saving you time and effort. But imagine the amount of time you would save if all end-to-end processes were digitalized.

The Digital Law Office Advantage

The advantages of a fully digital law office include increased efficiency and productivity of staff, increased capacity to handle the higher volume, focus on client interfacing and management, and increased revenue and profitability. An immigration or case management software that offers these among many other features would definitely enable transitioning to a Digital Law Office.

  • Interactive dashboard: Gives a snapshot of all pending tasks, notifications and status of petitions, that can be actioned immediately.
  • Collaboration and distributed workload: Collaborative working among stakeholders, can track, review and improve petitions together.
  • Automatic updation and integration of data: All information intake like beneficiary profile building to be done only once, any updates are pulled and integrated automatically.
  • Comprehensive Compliance: Audit-ready any time with all related files available digitally, under a single menu for reference and submission if needed.
  • Digital File Exchanges & Storage: Securely store and access sensitive files and documents digitally, on the Cloud, with digital signatures
  • Automated Tasks/Notifications: Automatic notification trigger for pending items, without any need for other reminders and fear of memory lapse.

Imagility-Enabling Digital Law Office

Imagility fits the profile of the best immigration software for lawyers. It goes beyond immigration case management software too. It enables a digital law office that includes virtual work, collaboration and uninterrupted business operations on the cloud.

Imagility is a cloud-based immigration platform focusing on employment-based immigration and family-based support, Employer-obligatory compliance, support for temporary workers and families, and end-to-end immigration processing and management. Apart from covering the features listed above, it includes:

  • Quick and effective client onboarding to migrate and on-the-go user adoption due to intuitive user experience and design used to build Imagility.
  • Unparallelled end-to-end immigration platform and technology with detailed petition building timelines and workflows, petition analysis (a virtual adjudicator), RFE response building, template letter building, comprehensive compliance, receipts, notifications, alerts, onboarding and offboarding employees, full access to documents, among others.
  • Extensive immigration experience and expertise. We have over 30 years of immigration experience as an employer of foreign talent (through Upstream) and a provider of immigration services. We have expertise with many different types of visas and green cards and their intricacies such as the right LCA, specialty occupation, beneficiary qualifications, employer-employee relationship, different types of roles and industries, extensive RFEs, compliance and audits, visa stamping, etc.
  • Holistic approach to immigration – We provide strategic and workforce planning, worldwide migration planning, policy development, and discretionary handling of immigration support for key individuals, etc. We strive to achieve the right balance of foreign talent at the right time in the right way and adjust to the changing immigration landscape quickly if needed.
  • Making immigration simple and easy: Simplifying convoluted immigration processes into smooth workflows that are intuitive to the user.  We limit time-intensive immigration processes, delay in hiring cycles, excessive use of HR resources, and exposure to legal risk
  • Transparent, clear, and results-driven employee engagement: Employee inclusion in every step of petition building, timeline, and lifecycle. Employees will be notified of events, status, and interventions through notifications and alerts to live customer support as needed.  Your employees will feel they have full transparency, collaboration, and clarity.
  • Extensive reporting and analytics: Forecasting made easy and tracking and managing immigration with standard and custom reports.

Our Support

Imagility’s professional services help transition smoothly to the new platform with seamless data migration and quick onboarding. Customer support is there every step of the way and beyond, to take care of all the nitty-gritty migration woes.

Imagility will allow you and your clients to easily and securely share or exchange important files, with transparent workflows, guided petition building and analysis, along with automatic notifications and alerts, cutting down drastically on emails and phone calls, saving thousands of dollars for your firm. We will help you transition to a digital law office in no time. What are you waiting for?

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