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How to Maximize Efficiency with Your Immigration Tech Partner

Discover how to revolutionize your immigration law practice with cutting-edge technology! Our latest blog delves into the transformative benefits of partnering with an innovative immigration tech provider like Imagility. Learn how to streamline workflows, enhance accuracy, improve collaboration, and elevate client satisfaction. Don’t miss out on unlocking new efficiencies and boosting your practice’s success.

Did you know?

Did you know? The USCIS has announced the discontinuation of the Forms by Mail service, effective July 18, 2024. You will no longer be able to request physical copies of blank forms. All forms and instructions are accessible for download, printing, and completion directly from the USCIS website at Stay connected and embrace the digital era!

Revolutionize Your Immigration Practice with Imagility's AI-Enabled Solutions

Transform your immigration practice with Imagility’s AI-enabled solutions! Discover how advanced technology can streamline your operations, enhance accuracy, and ensure compliance, allowing you to focus on high-value legal work. With features like 5-minute petition building, bulk uploads, H-1B e-filing, and seamless integrations, Imagility revolutionizes efficiency and service delivery. Don’t miss out on the future of immigration law — learn more here.

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2024 AILA Annual Conference on Immigration Law

Join us at the 2024 AILA Annual Conference on Immigration Law from June 12th to 15th at McCormick Place, Chicago. Visit our booths (#405 and #521) to explore cutting-edge immigration solutions and meet our team. Get a first hand experience of how Imagility works with live demos, exciting giveaways, and informative marketing materials. Don’t miss this opportunity—see you there!

Imagility in Action: Explore Our Practice Management Features!

Explore our practice management features for attorneys in action! Watch our quick video for a glimpse into how Imagility streamlines your immigration practice.

Unlock Your Immigration Success with Imagility's Free Resources!

Automating your Practice Playbook

Unlock new efficiencies in your law practice with our Automating Your Practice Playbook! Discover key areas for automation that will streamline your immigration workflows and overall practice management, including client intake, visa processes, notifications, green card processes, invoicing, and reporting. Revolutionize your practice with automation.

Imagility For Family-Based Immigration

Discover how Imagility revolutionizes family-based immigration law! Our datasheet outlines the challenges faced by attorneys & how our software addresses them with features like comprehensive visa category support, robust case management, & streamlined form generation. Elevate your practice & provide top-quality legal services – download now to unlock the power of Imagility!

Success Stories 

Seth D. Miller, Esq.

Miller & Associates, P.C.

The system is designed to allow you (through your own private access) to monitor the progress of your cases 24 x 7, show what steps need to be taken, what steps have been taken. Also, if anything is required by you, what is required, help with both job titles and the creation of supporting letters tailored for you, and much more. Imagility has a great support system and it even comes with a video tutorial to start you off. It makes our lives easier in dealing with cases and having instant access to information when employees ask.

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