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USCIS Provides Clarity on Procedures Regarding “Priority Date”

USCIS, the governing body responsible for granting green cards to immigrants in the United States, plays a crucial role in conferring permanent residency for those seeking to live and work in the country, along with accessing federal government benefits.

At the heart of immigration procedures lies the “priority date,” a pivotal step determined by USCIS during the application for permanent residence in North America. This date signifies an individual’s placement on the USCIS list for participation in immigration processes and can be verified through government notices on Form I-130 or I-140.

The immigrant visa application process, often initiated by families or companies, involves relatives or businesses seeking visas for foreign professionals. The issuance of priority dates occurs as families request visas for their loved ones or when the Department of Labor approves the labor certificate for employment-based applications.

USCIS has disclosed its practice of issuing a limited number of green cards annually in the United States, with the priority date serving as a crucial tool to streamline the processing of these cards. Understanding the duration of USCIS activities is imperative for foreign nationals, providing them with insights into potential changes in their immigration status.

Source: Eastafricanewspost