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USCIS Introduces Form G-884 for Retrieval of Original Immigration Documents

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has unveiled Form G-884, “Request for the Return of Original Documents,” designed for individuals seeking the return of original documents submitted to establish eligibility for an immigration benefit. This form is instrumental in retrieving essential records and ensuring a streamlined process for applicants. The USCIS emphasizes the use of the 11/09/23 edition starting January 29, 2024, and provides guidelines on where to file based on the case status. The USCIS advises applicants to review the informational checklist for required initial evidence, including translations for foreign-language documents. Additionally, the filing tips highlight the importance of a notarized signature and caution against submitting unsigned forms. This initiative aims to facilitate the retrieval of critical documents while adhering to USCIS guidelines and procedures.

Source: USCIS