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White House Considers Imposing Fresh Asylum Restrictions for Ukraine Assistance, Insider Reveals

The Biden administration is reportedly considering endorsing new asylum restrictions and an expanded deportation process as part of a supplemental funding bill to secure aid for Ukraine and Israel. In ongoing negotiations with Congress, the White House aims to couple military aid for allied nations with measures to curb illegal immigration along the U.S.-Mexico border. The proposed concessions include heightening asylum screening standards, implementing a “safe third country” provision, and expanding expedited removal nationwide. With only a week until lawmakers break for Christmas, the administration seeks to strike a deal amidst complex negotiations involving unrelated issues. President Biden is open to compromise on border security, emphasizing the urgent need for congressional action. Despite challenges, bipartisan efforts continue, aiming to find common ground on a compromise that addresses border security concerns. The tight legislative timeline prompts a focus on reaching a top-line deal, with detailed legislative text adjustments expected during the break. While the gap between Democrats and Republicans remains significant, optimism persists for finding common ground on critical issues. White House spokespersons emphasize the urgency of addressing border challenges and criticize Republicans for jeopardizing national security. The timeline for legislative action poses a challenge, with the House of Representatives and Senate facing tight schedules before the year’s end. As negotiations continue, the goal is to achieve a comprehensive deal and address the intricacies of legislative text in subsequent phases.

Source: Reuters